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The Give Food A Face initiative focuses on raising public awareness about the injustices that support the industrial agricultural system by connecting consumers with the people that cultivate their foods.

Do you know where your food comes from?

There are approximately 150,000 farmworkers and their dependents in North Carolina each growing season, but this estimate is considered low. In the United States there are two to three million farmworkers.
In NC a farmworker is paid between .35-.45 cents per 35 lb. bucket of sweet potatoes. It takes roughly 200-300 buckets to be hauled daily to make ends meet. 
In Eastern North Carolina there are many large farms; These farms run almost entirely on the labor of farmworkers. Agriculture, including food, fiber, and forestry, contributes over $69.6 billion annually to North Carolina’s economy and represents almost one-fifth of the state’s income.
In addition to economic debilitation, one study showed that approximately 80% of farmworkers experience sexual violence and abuse in the fields.
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Give Food a face (14).png
Give Food a face (14).png
Give Food a face (14).png

Culture. Philanthropy. ENtertainment

The Give Food a Face Gala fundraiser for NC FIELD is the first formal event of its kind to promote the continuity of prosperity among consumers, farmworkers, and the land they cultivate. Farmworkers continue to show up for us every day of this pandemic, now it's time for us to show up for them!

All proceeds from ticket sales, profits, and donations will go towards sustaining our Give Food A Face initiative. It is our major fundraising event and the monies raised will be critical for the health of the Give Food A Face initiatives.

Meeting our financial goal of $10,000 will enable us to create higher education scholarships and internship opportunities for farmworker youth and continue to support the agricultural workforce community.

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2021 #GFAFGala promo video

Watch the recap of this year's virtual gala

Give Food a face (14).png
Give Food a face (14).png
Video recap

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