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NC FIELD presents

Give Food 

A Face


Do you know where your food comes from?

The Give Food A Face campaign focuses on raising public awareness about the injustices behind the industrial agricultural system. The #GFAF campaign is a core initiative of North Carolina Focusing on Education, Leadership, and Dignity also know as NC FIELD.

NC FIELD works to fill service gaps in the farmworker community, raise awareness of the
plight of the farmworker, and empower farmworkers to pursue educational and economic opportunities beyond the

Growing Justice from the ground up

Learn more about NC field visit NCFIELD.ORG


The Give Food A Face initiative works to amplify the stories of the disenfranchised agricultural workforce that feeds us!


Thousands of unrecognized, disenfranchised, and mistreated laborers support the billions of people living on this planet, however, an individual farmworker earns roughly $11,000 as an annual salary.


NC FIELD is telling the stories of these tenacious laborers through our #GiveFoodAFace documentary campaign. We are publishing stories and testimonies of farmworkers that have a story to tell!


We also partnered with local retailers to advertise our Give Food A Face campaign poster to extend our reach and to remind consumers to shop ethically + consciously.

Why we do it

All donations and profits related to Give Food A Face enables NC FIELD to develop and offer paid internship opportunities and education scholarships for farmworkers and their children. 

These photos were taken by nc field pjc members

How you can help us #givefoodaface


We can extend our reach a little further with your help. However you can participate, a little goes a long way, we just
ask that you do.  Donations are tax-deductible and help us sustain the GFAF program.

Support on social media

Follow us on FB, Twitter, and IG at @NC_FIELD and the #GFAF.

Click here to receive the official NC FIELD social media toolkit

Attend the #GFAF Annual Gala

We are hosting our Give Food A Face Gala VIRTUALLY on Friday 26 March from 6:30pm-8pm on Zoom! Our theme this year is Culture. Philanthropy. Entertainment.

You do not want to miss this event! Get tickets today!

Shop ethically + consciously

You can support #GFAF every day by using your dollars wisely. As modern consumers, it is our job to do our diligence on the companies and brands we shop and identify with. Shop local and read product labels! Items labeled fairtrade and cruelty-free are a couple of examples of things to look for. 

The Give FOOD A FACE Gala 2021

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